In The Kingdom Of The Blind

by Cogs And Sprockets



The second tape,this time around going for a "fit-as-many-songs-in-a-short-amount-of-time" sort of thing. This is actually the original sequence,with samples still intact. The tape release changed up the sequence and got rid of the samples. Made it more concise and blasty. Limited to 35 copies,with 15 more made after those sold out (which ended up keeping the "50" rule for a while). Thanks to Adrian for putting this tape up on his blog "Distortion Til' You Vomit" when it came out. Eventually repackaged with the side of the split with White Ninja on the "Two Things At Once" tape.


released September 16, 2009

Recorded various times 2008-09
A.W. - Everything Involved



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