by Cogs And Sprockets



Austin is a guy you know is rad from the first interaction. I hit up Austin when the God Harvest demo popped up on my radar. I'm generally a fan of Floridian music from the Morrisound days on. They seem to have a penchant for grindier stuff too though as of recent. Worlds, Maruta, Shitstorm, nowadays Gorilla Pussy, Devalued, among others. God Harvest in the demo stages was heavy as fuck. Solid jams, solid recording. The download wasn't good enough, I needed to own this bad boy. I threw him an email, got a quick response, traded with him, and we both really enjoyed what we sent each other. Correspondence made way for friendship, and the idea of a split was created. As fate would have it, Austin and the boys got right down to business, and I was caught slipping when they presented the 3 songs that make up their side. Initially, I was going for a super old school straight up Floridian death metal ripoff, in honor of their state of course! (Editor's note; these songs might reappear in the future if all goes well in the saving of my external hard drive and the release of a discography cd on Hurts to Hear. Yup, droppin hints left and right) I never got around to finishing that, and some time passed where I grew bored with the idea and did what I do best: blast the fuck out. Everything was recorded in my house. Drums in the garage, guitars in the bedroom, vocals in the bathroom (most noticeably on the first track, check those mild echoes haha). The record came out beautifully. Nice thick wax, mastered nice and loud, very proper. The first full vinyl release. Austin's label Tack Head Records still has copies, pay them a visit here: tackhead.bigcartel.com


released October 5, 2012



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