The Black Friday EP

by Cogs And Sprockets



This EP was written and recorded in tumultuous times I must say. The original tracks were recorded in the usual fashion...I come up with a riff and jam on it in my head while I blast over it on tape. Then the idea came up to do something off,a strictly D-Beat release. Thats where songs like "Loss/Gain" and "Macy's Third World Broadcast" came from. On my old computer there's three more songs in that fashion that never got finished. It was around this time that Jack from Veloz and who co-runs PRGNT asked me if I'd like to do something on his label. I was hyped to work with him cause I like the way his releases look and he's a cool cat,so I started going back to grindier riffs.

The whole influence on Black Friday came about me having to endure a night of waiting in line at a store for the "holiday". Thousands and thousands of merchants waiting in line to consume. It's pretty disgusting. Like you need to buy all those WIIs,you fucking idiot. (*In all seriousness,we were there for $247 42" flat panel TV's,which all of course sold out. Hence the spinal shoutout on the limited release)

A few days later,here's a tape chock full of hate for this horror show. Songs like "Trampled At Storefront" were more things I was dwelling on,where as "What Economic Struggle?" was painted vividly right before my eyes.

Those with good ears will recognize the covers on this release. First with "Either Way" from one of my favorite California grind bands PROGERIA. Secondly,"Cut Your Arm...Solves A Lot" is Despise You,and lastly "Fucking Assholes Don't Get It Part 2" by Dropdead. Sure,sure I know theres two releases with Dropdead covers back to back. Whatever! Dropdead rules,and this song can be viewed towards the fucking assholes that line up at 12:30 AM to buy shit at 6.

Arguably the easiest to find mp3s of of any release,this thing has seemed to spread like wildfire. An initial run of 8 copies was sent out as Thanksgiving gifts to close friends and comrades while the actual release was being printed. This is called "(Camping Out In Front Of) The Black Friday EP". Here's the breakdown of ownership:

Clint Nichols
Dominic Romano
Avi Kulaway
Sean Wipfli
Adam Jennings
Mike Hoggan
Charlie Mumma
Andres Wade

I'm pretty sure there's 100 copies. I've been out of them for a while now. Not sure on the label. Select distros still happen to carry it as well.

I stole the image from someone's blog. I hope the band-aid isn't a Nelly reference,cause I fucking hate Nelly.


released February 21, 2011

AW - Everything



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